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Student Wellness   

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Goals for nutrition, physical activity and other wellness activities

The board shall adopt specific goals for nutrition promotion and education, physical activity and other school based activities that promote student wellness.

Nutrition guidelines for All Foods Available at School

For all foods and beverages available on each campus during the school day, the district shall adopt nutrition guidelines which are consistent with 42 USD 1758, 1766, 1773 and 1779 and federal regulations which support the objectives of promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity.

Food for reward

Woodside Elementary School District will not allow food to be used for reward or recognition with the exception of agreements made to implement formal learning plans.

Brain breaks

It is our expectation that families will send healthy snacks for students for our daily recess held in mid-morning. We also recognize that snacks are not always provided for students for a variety of reasons and that the school district will make every effort to provide healthy snack options for those occasions as well as times during the instructional day when the teacher deems a brain break a necessity.

Brain break snacks that take place during instructional time will be provided by the district. Grade level parent leads and classroom teachers will work together to determine the appropriate amount of brain break snack money needed to be added to the class budget to pay for these healthy snacks.


Recognizing and honoring individual family values around food and celebrations, we will continue to allow for family provided treats for appropriate school based celebrations. It is our hope and desire that families will consider providing balanced options for students to choose form during celebrations.

Celebrations include holiday parties, celebrations for academic events and birthdays.

Grade level parent leads and classroom teachers will work together to determine the number of non-birthday celebrations taking place throughout a school year and communicate the grade level expectation for donating items to both birthday and other celebrations.


approved: September 13, 2018 Woodside, California