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Interdistrict Attendance   

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In accordance with an agreement between the Board of Trustees and the board of another district, a permit authorizing a student's attendance outside his/her district of residence may be issued upon approval of both the district of resident and the district of proposed attendance.

While the policy should form the basis for most decisions, the Superintendent and Board are authorized to make exceptions, in rare cases, where they deem the exception to be in the best interests of the child.

The following policies will be followed with respect to each of these circumstances. All policies shall be administered without consideration of the race, ethnicity, disability, gender, or family income of the student.

1. The following shall be considered "resident" students and shall be enrolled by the Superintendent without review by the Board:

a. A student living with parents/guardians who reside within the district.

b. A student on an affidavit of residence and responsibility.

c. A student in a licensed institution or foster home in the district.

d. A homeless student.

e. A foreign student residing with a resident of the district under a bona fide Student Exchange Program and holding a valid visa authorizing school attendance.

f. A student assigned to the district through the Voluntary Transfer Program (Tinsley).

The Superintendent will implement those procedures deemed necessary to verify compliance with the foregoing by any student applying for enrollment under this Section 1. Such verification may include a requirement for substantiation of the location of the student's residence.

2. Resident students wishing to attend school in another district shall request and complete an Inter-district Transfer Attendance Application from the WESD office. The Superintendent shall approve such request, without review by the Board, provided that such approval would impose no hardship on the district. If the Superintendent disapproves a request on the grounds of hardship to the district, the student's parent or guardian may request a review and final decision by the Board.

Inter-district transfer requests into WESD-

3. A nonresident student wishing to attend school in the WESD shall obtain an Inter-district Transfer Application from his/her residence district office and submit it to the WESD district office once completed and approved. Upon receipt, the following procedures shall apply:

a. The Superintendent may provide annual approval of applications in the following categories without review by the Board:

i. A child of a nonresident employee of the Woodside Elementary School District

ii. A student whose family moves out of the district during the school year, and who wishes to complete the year in the district

iii. Any student who is in the seventh grade and whose family moves out of the District may stay to complete the eighth grade. This does not apply to siblings in the sixth grade or below.

iv. Owners of a property within the District who are making a good faith effort the build or renovate a primary residence on this property

v. Students who have been enrolled in the District for 4 or more years as a resident or on an inter-district transfer.

b. All other applications from nonresident students for attendance in the district shall be reviewed by the Superintendent who shall make a recommendation to the Board

i. When a child has attended district schools for one or more yeas and has become a nonresident due to a family crisis such as death, illness, or divorce of the child's parents(s), this child may be allowed to continue in district schools

ii. When the student has been determined by staff of either the district of residence or district of proposed attendance to be a victim of an act of bullying as defined in Education Code 48900 (r)

iii. When a child of parent/guardian has a relative living within the district boundaries and is instrumental in providing childcare for a significant portion of the school week.

The Superintendent shall consider the following factors:

iv. When determining availability of space for incoming inter-district transfer students, the Superintendent shall be guided by the class sizes targeted in the district goals, and will reserve adequate spaces for students who may move into the district by recommending denial of requests that would cause the average class size in any grade level to exceed 90 percent of the target average class size for that grade.

v. Requests for inter-district attendance that may result in financial hardship to the district will likely be denied.

vi. Request for inter-district attendance that reveal reasons of convenience will likely be denied.

4. In case of a denial of an inter-district attendance request, the Superintendent will inform the family making the request of the procedures for appeal to the Board.

5. If the appeal is ultimately denied by the Board, the family can appeal within 30 calendar days of the date of the WESD decision to the San Mateo County Board of Trustees.

6. For each approved inter-district request, the district shall enter into an agreement with the other involved school district as authorized by law (Education code 46600 (a) (2)) specifying that the inter-district attendance agreement is valid for one school year only, and that the parent/guardian of the students must reapply each year for inter-district attendance. Parents/guardians requesting inter-district attendance for their students shall be informed of this requirement, and apprised of the fact that the request may not be renewed in future years.

7. Students granted an incoming inter-district transfer will be expected to maintain satisfactory attendance, scholastic effort, and behavior. Failure to do so may cause the inter-district transfer agreement to be revoked. The inter-district attendance agreement shall include these grounds for revocation of the agreement.

8. Transportation shall not be provided for students attending on an inter-district attendance agreement.

A child of an active military duty parent/guardian shall not be prohibited from transferring out of the district to a school district of choice, if the other school district approved the application for transfer.

Inter-district attendance agreements are contingent upon the district of residence's transfer or remuneration of additional costs for special education services.


approved: November 13, 2017 Woodside, California