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Specialized Health Care Services   

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The parent/guardian of students who require specialized physical health care services during the school day shall provide a written request for the needed physical health care service. This request shall include:

1. The student's name, address and phone number

2. The physician's name, address and phone number

3. The needed healthcare procedure

4. Statement authorizing qualified school personnel to perform the procedure, as approved by the physician

5. Statement agreeing to notify the school immediately of any change in the child's regimen or the authorizing physician

6. Statement agreeing to provide all supplies needed for the procedure

The student's physician shall submit a written statement authorizing the administration of the specified physical health care service. The statement shall indicate:

1. The student's name and address

2. Condition for which treatment is to be given

3. Specific procedure to be given

4. Time schedules for the procedure

5. Precautions, possible untoward reactions and recommended intervention

The Superintendent/Principal shall name the qualified school personnel who will perfume the service in accordance with standardized procedures..

A qualified public health nurse or licensed physician and surgeon shall supervise physical health care services in the school setting in accordance with law.

Qualified personnel shall be trained in accordance with law. The shall possess a current valid certificate from and approved program in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and shall be able to demonstrate current knowledge of community emergency medical resources and skill in the used of equipment and the performance of techniques necessary to provide specialized health care services.

The District shall provide appropriate accommodations for safety and necessary physical care services. The student's personal privacy and dignity shall be assured.

Staff designated to perform the specialized service shall maintain and sign daily record of the services on a District form. This form shall be kept either in the student's classroom or in the school health office, depending on the health services being provided.


approved: February 12, 2013 Woodside, California