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Legal Resources | Business and Professions Code |  BC  7583.13  

Private Patrol Officers; Firearm qualifications   

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(a) The bureau, upon receipt of a criminal offense record or record of a subsequent arrest from the Department of Justice, shall make an immediate determination of fitness of (1) applicants for registration under this article, or (2) applicants for firearm qualification cards, when information contained in the records of the Department of Justice makes this determination possible. Applications of those determined to be unfit shall be immediately denied.

(b) The bureau shall keep a current and accurate record of the individuals who have applied for and been denied registration under this article or a firearms qualification card. A list consisting of individual names and other pertinent identifying information may be made of those individuals who have been denied registration. The list may be updated bimonthly and made available to interested licensees and law enforcement agencies.

(Added by Stats. 1994, Ch. 1285, Sec. 6.)