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Woodside ESD |  BP  0200  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Goals For The School District   

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1. Support and Monitor Implementation of the Woodside Curriculum Content Standards

a. Make vertical and horizontal articulation a priority.

b. Provide opportunities for articulation during August Staff Development Days and as an integral part of the staff meeting schedule for Wednesdays.

c. Focus on K-8 instruction in the content areas of science and social studies.

d. Develop a K-8 research skills continuum. Integrate library instructional resources for student research support.

e. Explore K-8 writing programs for implementation school wide.

f. Maintain Noyce Foundation Partnership in math and literacy.

g. Emphasize critical thinking throughout all curricular areas.

2. Expand the Character Education Program

a. Review and revise current Character Education Initiatives (TRIBES, Life Skills, Communication and Friendship Groups, etc.) to include life skills.

b. Institute new programs and partnerships as appropriate. Form a planning partnership with Portola Valley.

c. Develop a coordinated approach for the entire Character Education Program including expansion of the program into the middle school curriculum.

d. Explore the feasibility of an advisory program incorporated into the middle school schedule.

e. Decrease incidents of bullying, teasing and other inappropriate behavior by students on the playground, fields and in the classroom.

3. Create a Stronger Middle School Identity for our 61", rand 8th Grade Students and Programs

a. Explore physical placement of students and program.

b. Restructure the middle school master schedule to better meet the needs of students.

c. Create times for middle school weekly meetings, "special" lunch area, and stronger leadership roles.

4. Develop a Campus Master Plan for Renovation and New Construction to Include Timelines and Estimated Costs

a. Establish a diverse Planning Committee (Board, Foundation, PTA, and staff representatives) to oversee and coordinate planning process.

b. Complete architectural plans and bid documents for building(s) to replace yellow and brown portables.

c. Develop plans for campus renovation including drainage, landscaping, administration building renovation and visual coordination of entire campus.

d. Establish plan for funding project. Explore possible large donor support for project with Foundation.

5. Develop Long Term Plan for Fiscal Stability

a. Identify ways and means to reduce costs and manage costs with minimal impact on student programs and services.

b. Work with Foundation to build endowment funds. Identify and approach potential major contributors.

c. Work to reduce percentage of school budget provided by Foundation Annual Fall Campaign and Spring Grand Auction.

6. Develop an Administrative/Management Structure and a Cohesive Administrative Team

7. Complete a Thorough Review of the Preschool Program to Include Costs, Staffing, Program and Enrollment.

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adopted: February 12, 2013 Woodside, California